rFactor StockCar Ligth

rFactor StockCar Ligth 0.9 beta

rFactor Stock Car light is a beta mod for the Stock Car mod by BRDev
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Stock Car Light is a beta test of the Stock Car mod being developed by BRDev. Many would think that the stock car mod would have big engine cars similar to those in NASCAR and the V8 Supercar championship. But the fact is that in Brazil the stock car championship consists of front wheeled, small engine cars. As such, this mod only includes one car, the Chevrolet (or Vaxhaul/Opel) Astra. The mod also includes several skins for the car, allowing a mixed field look even if the car is the same. The car is not very powerful in terms of other stock cars available for rFactor, but it is easy to drive. As this is a front wheel drive car, it tends to under-steer a bit. However, that's the safest type of slide. The mod is still in beta phase, and as such, the developers admit several issues with it. Some of these are just annoying and do not affect gameplay too much. If all the bugs are fixed and more cars come in the main release, then this is sure a mod to watch. Specially if you like small touring/stock cars. You must be registered to download this mod.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great cars that provide close racing


  • Can only be obtained by registering at the site
  • Some technical issues in the mod
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